Flint, USA water bills for poisoned water

This video from Michigan in the USA says about itself:

Flint Poisons Citizens’ Water, Then Threatens Eviction For Water Bills

28 December 2016

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton spoke with Nayirrah Shariff, a Flint resident and director of Flint Rising, about the shutoff notices spreading around Flint for unpaid water bills.

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) sent letters on December 19 notifying parents that it will retest all 1,520 occupied public school buildings for lead in the drinking water. The testing period was delineated as running from the winter until June 16: here.

In a report issued this week, the Reuters news agency said it found nearly 3,000 areas in the United States with recently-recorded lead poisoning rates that are at least double those found in Flint, Michigan during the height of the lead poisoning crisis in that city caused by tainted water: here.

‘WATER COULD SOON BE UNAFFORDABLE FOR MILLIONS OF AMERICANS’ “Researchers found that monthly water bills could reach a national average of nearly $170 [in the next five years], a rate they estimate would be unaffordable, by the EPA’s definition, to nearly 41 million households.” [HuffPost]

February 11 marked the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Flint sit-down strike. The 44-day battle by autoworkers lasted from December 29, 1936 to February 11, 1937. It forced General Motors, then the largest industrial enterprise on the planet, to recognize the recently founded United Auto Workers union: here.


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