Anti-Trump demonstration, 20 January, Washington

United States anti-Trump demonstrators

From the site in the USA:

On January 20th, hundreds of thousands of people will be storming the streets across the US against Trump’s accelerated assault on migrants, LGBTQ people, women, unions, people of color, and the entire working class.

Now more than ever, we need massive resistance in the streets to shut down Trump’s agenda of racism, sexism, migrant-bashing, cutbacks and war. With capitalism in decline, this agenda can be a recipe for fascism.

While both the Democrats and the Republicans are telling us now to accept the results of the election and look to “work with” President Trump, we completely refuse to accept this racist billionaire as the leader of this country. Trump has no solutions for the real issues faced by billions of workers across the world.

Capitalism, imperialism and the racist cops occupying our communities are the real problem. We, the millions of people ready to take direct action against the attacks of a Trump administration, are the solution.

Only mass action can push back this racist, sexist agenda. We are entering a new era of historic resistance, led by the struggles of Black Lives Matter and the water protectors at Standing Rock. We stand ready to put our bodies in front of deportation busses, bulldozers, tanks and other war machines. The working class and oppressed must join together in this historic moment with the full understanding that real power is in the streets, not in the White House and not the Pentagon.

Let’s show on January 20th that another world is possible. There is an alternative to racist terror, sexist oppression, homophobia, transphobia, migrant-bashing and bigotry. There is an alternative to capitalism and fascism.

On January 20th, let’s shut down DC with a historic mobilization of the people, united against Trump’s assault on the people.

Let’s fight for the revolution we really need. Now is our time to be in the streets.

On Friday, January 20th, we will make sure our collective voice is heard throughout the halls of power and across the world. Join us!

6 am: Begin to gather in front of Union Station (anti-Columbus Circle), Washington DC

10 am: March to the White House

12 thoughts on “Anti-Trump demonstration, 20 January, Washington

  1. Steve Bannon doesn’t deserve a visitor’s pass to the White House, let alone a staff badge. His appointment by President-Elect Trump to the position of “chief strategist” in the White House is unacceptable.

    But it’s not just his widely reported bigotry that makes him unacceptable — under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart News repeatedly smeared, attacked, and discredited climate scientists and climate advocates like you and me. Bannon’s flunkies at Breitbart have called our country’s dedicated climate scientists “talentless low-lives” and “abject liars,” and deemed climate advocates “eco Nazis” and “scum-sucking slime balls.”

    Now, more than ever, we must stand together in the face of ignorance and bigotry — which is why the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is joining other activist groups in opposing the appointment of Steve Bannon to the Trump administration.

    Unlike cabinet appointments, White House staff positions are not subject to Senate approval. But our senators still hold tremendous influence. A groundswell of bipartisan opposition from the Senate — which is not impossible given Bannon’s appalling record — could have a tremendous impact. Couple that with the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are speaking out in outrage right now and our impact will be tremendous.

    SIGN: Tell your senators to stand up to ignorance and bigotry and speak out against Steve Bannon’s appointment to the White House »

    By making Bannon first among equals in the White House, the Trump administration is undermining the equality we value for all people. Bannon has encouraged and amplified views that are beyond offensive and categorically unacceptable — the Bannon-led Breitbart News has been labeled racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, and misogynistic by watchdog groups and the NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Anti-Defamation League have condemned his rise to leadership in the White House. Given his appalling record, it’s no wonder that despicable groups, like the Ku Klux Klan and those with ties to neo-Nazis, are praising Trump’s selection of Bannon.

    Already, LCV congressional allies like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Van Hollen, Ed Markey, Jeff Merkley, and others have called for Trump to fire Bannon. I know what you’re thinking — Trump doesn’t care what we think. But he does! We’re talking about a man whose ego is so big he plasters his name on nearly everything he touches.

    If enough of us speak out now and rally enough opposition we CAN create a groundswell that President-Elect Trump will be unable to ignore. But we need more senators and more people like you speaking up and speaking out!

    Add your name: Urge your senators to say ‘No’ to Steve Bannon

    LCV is taking the unprecedented step of opposing the appointment of a White House staffer because we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusive are fundamental values for a strong, participatory democracy and everything we know about Steve Bannon runs counter to those values. Please, join us in standing up to ignorance and bigotry in the new administration »

    Thank you,

    Kristin Brown
    Director of Digital Strategy
    League of Conservation Voters


  2. Donald Trump is turning into the biggest welfare queen of all. He hasn’t even been sworn into office yet, and he’s already hitting up the taxpayers for $500,000 a day – to guard just one of his splentillion properties.

    Trump Towers, New York. $500,000 per day in security costs, now being paid by the taxpayers of New York. While the Secret Service ponders whether to rent out two entire floors, also at taxpayer expense.

    Trump says that he’ll be tough on the Chinese. Meanwhile, we’re borrowing from the Chinese to cover the federal deficit – including all the cost of providing security to Trump properties, worldwide.

    I can’t stand it anymore. So I did something about it. I introduced HR 6506. Here’s what it says:


    (a) In General.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the President shall be personally responsible for paying for any additional security measures, including protection from the United States Secret Service, with respect to property that the President holds a direct or indirect ownership interest. In this subsection, the term “property” includes any property from which the President receives or may receive any actual or potential revenue, including royalties, interest, dividends or distributions.

    I’m sure that Trump International Golf Links Scotland, which Trump visited during the Presidential campaign, is a lovely golf course, bringing many hours of joy to idle rich. Also the one in Ireland, the one in Dubai, and the future ones in Cuba, which Trump’s minions illegally scouted out during the embargo. They’re all very bigly, I’m sure. But I don’t want to have to pay to keep them safe and, I’m guessing, neither do you. Hence my bill, HR 6506.

    It’s bad enough that the Cheater-in-Chief doesn’t pay taxes. But it’s worse when he’s wasting ours. Let the billionaire pay for his own security blanket.

    (Side question: why is Trump so enamored of the game of golf? Is it because he thinks that it’s an acronym for the phrase “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”?)

    I’m going to keep fighting. So should you.


    Rep. Alan Grayson


  3. When government leaders work against the progressive values we all share, it’s on us to hold them accountable. And based on Donald Trump’s cabinet picks, it looks like we have a lot of hard work ahead of us.

    Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma Attorney General who once sued the Environmental Protection Agency, has now been chosen to lead it. Pruitt denies the science and existence of climate change, and as Attorney General he regularly prioritized Big Oil executives over the people of Oklahoma.

    Andrew Puzder, Trump’s choice for Labor Secretary, is a fast food restaurant CEO who opposes raising the minimum wage. He is against the expansion of overtime pay, and wants to replace workers with robots since the latter do not take vacation days.

    And for attorney general Trump has selected Jeff Sessions, an Alabama senator whose controversial past once disqualified him from becoming a federal judge. Sessions believes organizations that protect our civil rights, like the ACLU and NAACP, are “un-American” — and now he has been charged with heading the Justice Department.

    These are just a few of the people who have been given top leadership roles in the Trump administration. Our movement needs to be ready to oppose any racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-worker or anti-environment policies they pursue, which is why we are asking for your support ahead of our end-of-year fundraising deadline:

    Contribute $3 today, before Saturday’s end-of-year fundraising deadline, to recommit yourself to the fight to transform American politics and make our government once again responsive to the needs of working people.

    When Bernie kicked off his presidential campaign, he wanted to show that when millions of people stand together, we can change this country for the better. If we stand together to oppose Trump and continue carrying out the goals of our political revolution, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together.

    In solidarity,

    Shannon Jackson
    Executive Director
    Our Revolution


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