Militarism trumps poor people in Honduras

This video says about itself:

Honduras 2017 General Budget Leaves Out The Necessities Of The Poorest

22 December 2016

This week Honduras‘ national congress approved the 2017 budget. The document continues the country’s trend of slashing social funds. The budget for education has now been cut by a third and public health cut by over a quarter since 2010. Meanwhile, a quarter of next year’s funds will go to paying off the international debt. The military continues its annual increase of 2%, a trend since 2010 when it had the 8% unto 2017 when it will have the 20%. Our correspondent Gerardo Torres with the story.

LGBTI rights activist Jlo Córdoba has suffered murder attempts, while justice turns its back on LGBTIs in Honduras: here.

7 thoughts on “Militarism trumps poor people in Honduras

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