Ex-European Commissioner Kroes scot-free in offshore money scandal

This video says about itself:

Ex-EU official Kroes under pressure over Bahamas directorship

22 September 2016

Just two months after its former president joined Goldman Sachs, the European Commission has been caught up in another corporate scandal.

This time involving the EU’s ex-anti trust czar Neelie Kroes, a Dutch politician.

She was found to have been listed as the director of an offshore company in the Bahamas during her tenure.

A European Commission spokesman said the institution was unaware that this overlapped with her time in Brussels.

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That was three months ago. This week, IMF boss Christine Lagarde was convicted for corruption, but not sentenced. And today …

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

No consequences of ‘Bahama Leaks’ for Neelie Kroes

Today, 14:34

Former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes will not be penalized for the fact that she failed in 2004 to report that she was director of a company in the Bahamas.

The Kroes involvement with the company emerged from the so-called Bahama Leaks, papers which were leaked to an international group of investigative journalists. In the Netherlands, journalists of the FD and Trouw dailies examined the documents.

The documents said that Kroes from 2000 to 2009 was director of the company Mint Holdings Ltd. in the Bahamas. …

The former European Commissioner has been given a reprimand because she had not said what her income was in 2015, while she received an allowance for former Commissioners.

The European Commission asked her to return the money immediately. She will not get a penalty for that and Kroes will not have to appear before the European Court of Justice.

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