New bee species discovered on Texel island

This is a Barbut’s cuckoo-bee video.

Warden Erik van der Spek on Texel island in the Netherlands writes today that three bee species, new for the island, have been found this year.

Also, one species, the brown-banded carder bee, which had disappeared from Texel since the 1930s, returned in 2016.

This means that out of 357 bee species living in the Netherlands, 141 live on Texel. Six species have disappeared as far as Texel’s history is known, four of which have disappeared from the Netherlands as a whole.

The three new species of 2016 are: Andrena synadelpha; Andrena bimaculata, and the Barbut’s cuckoo-bee.

2 thoughts on “New bee species discovered on Texel island

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