Saudi woman arrested for her clothes

Malak al-Shehri

Saudi absolute monarchy‘s anti-women rules on clothes. As objectionable as Western countries’ anti-women rules banning headscarves, ‘burkinis‘, maxiskirts, etc.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 12 December 2016:

Saudi police have arrested a woman in her twenties who had put a picture of herself on Twitter without a long robe and headscarf. …

The woman, Malak al-Shehri, has also received a lot of support for her action. Some compare her with the African American civil rights activist Rosa Parks. Who in 1955 got a lot of publicity because she sat down in a bus on a seat reserved for whites.

In Saudi Arabia there are strict dress codes for women, who are not allowed to drive and to be on a street without supervision or permission of a man. Malak al-Shehri had announced on Twitter that she would be on a street without a headscarf and long traditional robe (abaja) to campaign for relaxing the rules. …

Occasionally protest blazes in Saudi Arabia against the strict laws. In September, thousands of people signed a petition against the rule that a woman should never be on a street without a male guardian.


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