Less waste on F-35 warplanes?

This video from Canada says about itself:

It could yet prove to be the most expensive defense purchase in Canadian history — $25 billion and counting. The military promises it’s the best fighter jet available, but some critics are saying it’s a turkey hatched from a bad idea: a do-it-all plane that might not do anything well-at-all.

Was Canada pressured to buy the F-35 fighter jet? Will the jet ever deliver on its promise of being the top gun in the sky? Did the government cover up the true costs to win an election? With secret documents and exclusive interviews with Air Force insiders, the fifth estate‘s Gillian Findlay pieces together the troubling story of the F-35. From Lockheed Martin‘s first prototype and bungled development process to Canada’s decision to buy the fighter jet without an open competition, “Runaway Fighter” raises serious questions about a procurement system seemingly run amok and a jetfighter critics say will never live up to its spin.

Original airdate: September 28th, 2012.

Even broken clocks are right twice a day.

Maybe today was such a time for ‘broken clock’, president-elect of the USA Donald Trump.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Donald Trump wants as president to allocate less money for the development and production of the F-35, popularly known as the Joint Strike Fighter. On Twitter, he says that the cost of the fighter is out of control and that billions might be saved.

In his tweet Trump refers to the time after January 20, when he will be inaugurated. According to the president-elect there can also be substantial savings on other projects, but he does not mention concrete examples.

The Lockheed F-35 Lightning IIm as the jet is officially called, is being developed by nine Western countries including the US and Britain. The Netherlands has joined too. Three other countries have ordered this aircraft.

The United States is by far the largest purchaser, the Air Force wants more than 2400 planes. This would involve $ 400 billion, twice as much as had been budgeted. The Netherlands has ordered 37 aircraft; the costs are running at over 5 billion euros.

Also a humongous ‘cost overrun‘.

Now let us hope that all the generals and other militarists in Donald Trump’s cabinet won’t change his mind (like Trump’s mind changes frequently on various subjects) on these F-35 warplanes, a complete waste of taxpayers’ money in the USA and other countries.

More than half of Americans (54 percent) want the Pentagon to drop the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II program in favor of upgrading existing fighter jets, an in-depth survey conducted by the University of Maryland shows.

This video from the USA says about itself:

F-35, The jet that ate the Pentagon • BRAVE NEW FILMS: SECURITY #1 • DOCUMENTARY

3 February 2014

At least $8 billion of the Pentagon’s budget for 2015 is devoted to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Already on track to be the most expensive weapon system in history, the F-35 is becoming a black hole in the Pentagon budget. WATCH MORE about the human and financial costs of war here.

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