House finch in Georgia, USA

This video from Georgia in the USA says about itself:

House Finch Has the Spotlight in Savannah – Dec. 7, 2016

A male House Finch alights on the perching branch in Savannah. These small, rose-tinged finches are commonly confused with look-alike Purple Finches, but there are some subtle clues that tell them apart. Male Purple Finches are more evenly, and often less vividly, red than House Finches. Female Purple Finches are more strongly streaked and have a more distinct facial pattern than female House Finches. The Purple Finch‘s bill is also slightly smaller and more pointed, and the tail is shorter and strongly notched.

Famously, a female house finch landed near Senator Bernie Sanders at a mass meeting during his campaign for the presidency of the USA.

4 thoughts on “House finch in Georgia, USA

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