British government quarrels about Saudi war on Yemen

This video says about itself:

British and US-made bombs killing civilians in Yemen

12 October 2016

The airstrikes are precise; modern guided bombs from Britain and the US allow Saudi coalition pilots to hit any target they choose, anywhere in Yemen.

But these targets are all too often civilian.

See more here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Prime Minister May disagrees with Boris Johnson on Saudi Arabia

Today, 00:33

British Prime Minister May disagrees with her Foreign Secretary on Saudi Arabia. Boris Johnson accused that country of fighting conflicts in the region as a puppeteer. …

The Guardian quoted Johnson: “You have these proxy wars being fought the whole time in that area … That’s why you’ve got the Saudis, Iran, everybody, moving in, and puppeteering and playing proxy wars”.

The comments by Johnson are remarkably critical of Saudi Arabia, an ally of Britain in the Middle East. He seems to allude to the conflict in Yemen

The spokeswoman of Prime Minister May underlined that she sees things otherwise. “Those are the foreign secretary’s views, they are not the government’s views on Saudi [Arabia] and its role in the region.”

The spokeswoman stressed that Britain and Saudi Arabia support the legitimate government of Yemen.

Meaning the government of Hadi, who became president in a Saudi-sponsored ‘election’ in which he was the only candidate. Later, Hadi resigned and left the country. The Saudi absolute monarchy then pressured him into forming a puppet Yemeni government in exile.

“The Saudis are a vital partner in the region.”

So, Ms May does not even allow her Foreign Secretary to speak a half truth, as she prefers 100% lies.

From the Guardian, 8 December 2016:

As the opposition and human rights groups were quick to point out, if Johnson truly believes Saudi Arabia and Iran are creating wars by exploiting vacuums in the region, it raises questions about the morality of the UK’s steadfast support of the Saudis in Yemen. The UK not only provides arms to the Saudis, but its military cell in Riyadh counsels the Saudi-led coalition on its targeting procedures, and makes its own battle-damage assessments of Saudi raids.

U.S. Continues Support For Saudi Arabia In Yemen While Halting Some Arms Sales. A Saudi-led bombing campaign is responsible for scores of civilian deaths: here.

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