Whites only education, French racist Le Pen wants

This video says about itself:

3 July 2013

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has been stripped of her European Parliament immunity and may now face charges of racism over comments she made comparing Muslim street prayers to an occupation of French territory by the Nazis.

In Africa, Bill Gates and other billionaires undermine free public education by making poor parents pay for for profit private schools, with unqualified teachers in dirty corrugated iron buildings.

In the USA, billionaire Donald Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary, billionaire Betsy DeVos has a record of undermining schools by privatisation, making education a privilege for rich parents’ children, while poor parents’ children work in coal mines or elsewhere.

And now the fuehrer of the French racist National Front party chimes in.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Le Pen: Stop free education for migrant children

Today, 12:09

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen wants to put an end to free education for children of immigrants. The right-wing populist

Stop abusing the word ‘populist’ for politicians like Le Pen. A French court has decided that Ms Le Pen can be legally called a fascist.

Le Pen said in a speech in Paris that newcomers to France should no longer expect that everything will be arranged for them, if she will call the shots. “Do not expect too that your children will be able to get free education. Playtime is over,” said Le Pen.

In France, in public education, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools are free of charge.

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