British BAE merchants of death indoctrinate children

This video from Britain says about itself:

No Pride In War: Action Against BAE Systems

24 May 2016

Activists protest against the inclusion of BAE Systems in London Pride 2016.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

it emerged yesterday that those loveable merchants of death at BAE Systems have opened a new £15 million training academy in Samlesbury, Lancashire, describing it as “a huge boost for the skills of current and future employees.”

The firm said it would train, “all apprentices and graduates in BAE’s military aircraft business and provide lifelong learning and skills development for 13,000 workers for at least the next 40 years.”

Quite what this “training” will involve is anyone’s guess, but your scribe can’t help imagining one long conveyor belt where the raw recruit goes in, has their ethics removed and their moral compass scrambled before being spewed out as a fully operational psychopath with a shiny suit and badge and all the Saudi royal family on speed dial.

Disturbingly, the firm also said it would offer classes for children from the age of five.

19 thoughts on “British BAE merchants of death indoctrinate children

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