Pintail ducks, little grebes and kingfishers

This video is about a sleepy male pintail duck.

And this video, from the USA, is about pintails awake.

It says about itself:

11 December 2011

Northern Pintail courtship displays in Sacramento Valley, California. Courtship involves drakes “showing-off” their remarkable plumage both on the water and in aerial courtship chases.

On 27 November 2016, we went to the birds of Voorne island.

Near Rockanje village were northern lapwings. And hundreds of barnacle geese, gray lag geese and Canada geese.

Shoveler duck. Teal. Shelducks. And pintail ducks.

Great cormorants. And a green sandpiper.

A bit further along the road, a hovering kestrel.

Wigeon. Gadwall ducks.

Along the seashore, many sanderlings; and oystercatchers. Also curlews, redshanks and grey plovers.

Along the footpath, a female pheasant.

A great black-backed gull.

Near Hoekje Jans, jackdaws.

Male and female red-breasted mergansers swimming.

Seven little grebes.

At the Oostvoornse meer lake, a kingfisher flying along, then sitting down on, a rocky islet.

At a hide, we see gray lag geese and greater white-fronted geese.

At another hide at the end of the footpath, a female common goldeneye swimming.

As we walk back, a grey heron flies overhead.

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