Ancient Egyptian discoveries in Abydos

This May 2016 video is called The Great Pharaohs of Egypt – The First Pharaohs.

From Archaeology:

Large Mud-Brick Tombs Discovered in Abydos

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

ABYDOS, EGYPT—A cemetery and residential area dating to around the time of Egypt’s First Dynasty (late fourth millennium B.C.) has been discovered in Abydos, according to a report in Egypt Independent. Both are thought to have been used by senior officials tasked with planning tombs for the ancient Egyptian royal family along with the workers who actually built the tombs.

Archaeologists found remains of huts, pottery, and stone tools at the site. Hany Aboul Azm, head of the Central Administration of Upper Egypt, said that 15 large mud-brick tombs had been uncovered, and that their large size underscores the importance of those buried in them. The tombs date to around the time of the establishment of Egypt’s First Dynasty, when Abydos is thought to have been the country’s capital. For more on archaeology in Egypt, go to “‘T’ Marks the Spot.”

So, this new discovery is over 5,000 years old. Many corporate media (eg, here and here) mistakenly claim an age of over 7,000 years.

Here are the most significant Egyptian archaeological discoveries that made waves around the world in 2016.

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