Real Donald Trump, fictional Lawrence Limburger

This video from the USA says about itself:

9 November 2016

Protesters formed a wall outside Trump Tower in Chicago to voice their concern over a Donald Trump presidency.

Donald Trump has some things in common with some fictional characters (though there are some differences as well).

When I read about the Trump Tower in Chicago, I thought about another big businessman with a tower in Chicago.

From the Wikipedia article about the science fiction animated TV series Biker Mice from Mars:

Lawrence Limburger (voiced by W. Morgan Sheppard) – The main antagonist of the series, Lawrence Limburger is a bloated alien from [fictional planet] Plutark and has an odd fascination for Earth’s criminal society of the 1930s. He is the head of Limburger Industries, the biggest industrial company in Chicago.

Wearing a purple business suit and a rubber mask in order to look human at most times, he attempts to mine it and other parts of Earth of various resources including random earth, dirt, rock, snow, metal and oil, which he plans to send back to his own dying planet. He is highly resourceful and cunning, but always failing due to the Biker Mice’s interventions. His headquarters is a very tall tower called Limburger Plaza. Unfortunately for him, his plans are foiled and his tower is either destroyed, torn down, launched into space or even disappears completely by the Biker Mice at the climax of almost every single episode.

This video about Limburger Plaza is called Special delivery for Lawrence Limburger.

ALL THE TIMES ‘SESAME STREET’ TROLLED DONALD TRUMP Turns out there were recurring characters named “Ronald Grump” and “Grump Tower” — one of which had quite the orange hairdo. [HuffPost]

Trump Tower was renamed Dump Tower on Google Maps this weekend.

Donald Trump also reminds me of the children’s book Abeltje, by Dutch author Annie M. G. Schmidt.

One of the characters of that book is a travelling mothball salesman, called Tump (only one letter difference). He travels in a flying lift to the fictional South American country Perugona. There has just been a military coup d’état in Perugona. The general who masterminded that coup does not want to become president, as many presidents of Perugona end up being murdered. So, the general makes Mr Tump president.

President Tump bans drinking cider, the national beverage, and discussing politics by the citizens of Perugona. This causes a revolt, from which Tump just manages to escape in the flying lift.

History Teacher Removed From Classroom For Comparing Trump To Hitler. “It’s not propaganda or bias if it’s based on hard facts.” 11/13/2016 12:00 pm: here.

Jill Harth, one of several women who’ve accused President-elect Donald Trump of sexual assault, expressed a mixture of disbelief and cynicism about his ascent to the White House following Tuesday’s election. Harth, who’s said that Trump sexually harassed and groped her in the 1990s while they worked together on a business project, said that his victory caused her physical discomfort even though she should have expected it all along: here.


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