Donald Trump parody song

This 9 November 2016 parody music video from Britain about Donald Trump and his vice president-elect Mike Pence is called The White Gripes – “Severed Nation Army”.

It is a parody of the White Stripes song “Seven Nation Army“.

The lyrics are:

I’m gonna cut us off
A severed nation army is the way to go
Everyone rips us off
Especially since China joined the WTO
Get your political correctness out of my orange face
Let’s make America great again, not a hijab in the place
‘Cause I like ‘em when they’re blonde and blue-eyed
And about half my age

Don’t wanna hear about it
I’ll build a wall and get Mexico to pay
Maybe I’ll throw a banquet
Invite the Queen and wear my finest toupee
I will lower corporation tax and bring back your jobs
And we’ll chase all of the Muslims outta here with angry mobs
And the message on our megaphone will be “go back to your home!”

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