The Clinton Foundation and Britain

This video from the USA says about itself:

Wikileaks BOMBSHELL Exposes Extent Of Clinton Corruption

1 November 2016

Wikileaks reveals emails that show the depth of the corruption at the Clinton Foundation. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“When top Bill Clinton aide Douglas Band wrote the memo, he was a central player at the Clinton Foundation and president of his own corporate consulting firm. Over the course of 13 pages, he made a case that his multiple roles had served the interests of the Clinton family and its charity.

In doing so, Band also detailed a circle of enrichment in which he raised money for the Clinton Foundation from top-tier corporations such as Dow Chemical and Coca-Cola that were clients of his firm, Teneo, while pressing many of those same donors to provide personal income to the former president.

The system has drawn scrutiny from Republicans, who say it allowed corporations and other wealthy supporters to pay for entrée to a popular former president and a onetime secretary of state who is now the Democratic presidential nominee.

Band wrote the memo in 2011 to foundation lawyers conducting a review of the organization amid a brewing feud with the Clintons’ daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who was taking a stronger role in leading the foundation and had expressed concerns about Teneo’s operations.”

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By Solomon Hughes in Britain:

Watching dad’s back

Friday 11th November 2016

Chelsea Clinton foresaw the danger of ‘global advisory firm’ Teneo, specialist in peddling political influence, too close an association with her father Bill and counselled against it – advice lost on British politicians, says SOLOMON HUGHES

HER motherlost the US presidential election in part because of her too-close links to business, which Donald Trump exploited to paint her as in the pocket of Wall Street.

But Chelsea Clinton took on the creepy corporate influence industry — and won.

Chelsea was able to win a small battle with the politicians-for-hire, persuading her mum and dad to back off a little bit from their entanglement with big business.

But our own Tony Blair, William Hague, and their hangers-on just queued up for a pay cheque.

Chelsea’s battle against the ex-politician influence peddlers was revealed in WikiLeaks data dump of emails from the Clinton camp.

The emails are from the account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman.

They hurt Hillary badly. They showed Clinton’s closeness to big banks like the “giant vampire squid,” Goldman Sachs.

Trump used this to make … attacks on Clinton — the billionaire crook was able to paint Hillary as a servant of big business, which contributed to the loss of Democrat votes.

But the emails also contain a small, very British story, in which Chelsea is the hero.

Her dad, former president Bill Clinton set up the Clinton Foundation in 1997. It’s a vanity project, which raised millions from corporations and allowed Clinton to wander round the world making political speeches.

There were conflicts of interest in Clinton Foundation funding, its supporters included the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, mercenary firm Blackwater and that vampire squid bank Goldman Sachs.

All of these paid for access to the political system via the Clinton Foundation. This includes access to Hillary, so it is a serious issue.

But some conflicts were too sleazy for Chelsea.

Doug Band, who was Bill Clinton’s personal assistant while he was president and then worked in the post-presidential Clinton Foundation, set up a “global advisory firm” called Teneo. Critics say he was trying to make money out of his political connections by offering corporations access to influential figures in return for money.

Those critics include Chelsea Clinton, who in a December 2011 email complained the Teneo people were hijacking her dad’s name for business in Britain.

She wrote: “I was in London Sunday and did a [Clinton] Foundation event Sunday evening and two people separately voiced concerns directly to me about Teneo.”

Her contacts “voiced serious concerns” over the activities of Ilya Aspis, a Clinton Foundation aide, who seemed to be working for Teneo.

Chelsea wrote an email that said: “Ilya has called members of the House and members of Parliament ‘on behalf of President Clinton,’ for Teneo clients (eg for Andrew Liveris and Dow who’s coming this month to London), without my father’s knowledge” — the words in brackets are hers.

Liveris is the chief executive of chemicals firm Dow who, at that time had announced they were sponsoring the London Olympics. This led to huge criticism because Dow were still being pursued for compensation for the terrible disaster in Bhopal, India, in 1984. Dow bought a company called Union Carbide, whose Bhopal factory released a poison gas cloud that year, killing up to 20,000 people and injuring many more. It was one of the worst industrial disasters ever.

Dow’s sponsorship of the London Olympics led to big protests over Bhopal. The leaked emails strongly suggest Teneo was trying to help Dow win over MPs on this issue, by pretending they had Bill Clinton’s support.

The emails show that Band lashed out at Chelsea Clinton when he heard of her criticisms. He emailed John Podesta saying: “She is acting like a spoiled brat kid who has nothing else to do but create issues to justify what she’s doing because she, as she has said, hasn’t found her way and has a lack of focus in her life.”

Band was clearly scared of Chelsea’s critique. He also wrote he was “starting to worry that if this story gets out, we are screwed.”

Chelsea’s complaints had some effect. Band proposed a new “infrastructure model” which would separate Clinton from Teneo. By 2012 Bill Clinton resigned from his post as honorary chairman of Teneo.

So we have a “global advisory firm,” which is accused of trying to misuse a politician’s name for their clients. We have the boss of that firm admitting he would be “screwed” if this sleazy story got out. And we have the Clintons responding by putting a bit of distance between them and their firm.

But it doesn’t end there. Back in 2011, Chelsea Clinton said the Teneo business worried her because the way its people were using her dad’s name was “now precipitating people in London making comparisons between my father and Tony Blair’s profit motivations. Which would horrify my father.”

Chelsea worried people would think Bill was as sleazy as Tony — even in Clinton circles, the worst measure of dodgy behaviour is being like Blair.

This wasn’t a random thought — Blair, in 2011, took a seat on Teneo’s advisory board. He’s left that job now, but Teneo still like to buy influential political figures and British politicians are keen to sell themselves.

In June 2015 Tory former foreign secretary Hague became a “senior adviser” to Teneo. Hague isn’t the only Brit on the their payroll. Lord Davies was a Labour trade minister in 2010 and before that led Standard Chartered Bank. He is a Teneo adviser as well. And this month David Cameron’s former spin doctor Craig Oliver joined Teneo as a “senior managing director” offering “strategic advice.”

So all these British politicians are joining a US firm which Chelsea Clinton criticised for dubious attempts at using political influence — a firm whose own boss admitted they would be “screwed” if this story got out. Well it is out there now, and instead of being “screwed” as they should be, Teneo are providing a home for our politicians.

SENIOR CAMPAIGN OFFICIALS: ‘CLINTON MASTERED THE SCIENCE OF POLITICS BUT FORGOT THE ART’ “Officials who worked in various battleground states say the campaign erred in its belief that modern technology could fully replace traditional pavement-pounding, that [Hillary] Clinton didn’t need to score major victories with on-the-fence voters if she could turn out the committed.” [Sam Stein, HuffPost]

12 thoughts on “The Clinton Foundation and Britain

  1. Some will blame sexism and misogyny for the result [of the US presidential election]. No doubt about it: this divisive poison is alive and well in the US and will continue as long as classes and artificial scarcity are allowed to continue. However, there is much more to the rejection of Hillary than her gender. As activist-actress Susan Sarandon bluntly put it: “I don’t vote with my vagina.”

    Although Trump is a repugnant sexist in words and personal actions, this pales in comparison to Clinton’s actions against the interests of millions of working women in the US and around the world. As just one example, take the infamous Clinton Foundation, which pays its female employees just 72% what it pays male employees—even less than the 75% average for nonprofits. To put this into perspective, this means she pays women $7.20 versus $10 an hour for men doing the same job. Never mind the suffering of millions of women in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and everywhere else Secretary of State Clinton presided over bombings and immiseration.

    The vast majority of Americans would have no problem electing a woman president and think it would mark an important milestone. But when push came to shove, millions of men and women could not bring themselves to vote for that woman for president.


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