12 thoughts on “The Clinton Foundation and Britain

  1. Some will blame sexism and misogyny for the result [of the US presidential election]. No doubt about it: this divisive poison is alive and well in the US and will continue as long as classes and artificial scarcity are allowed to continue. However, there is much more to the rejection of Hillary than her gender. As activist-actress Susan Sarandon bluntly put it: “I don’t vote with my vagina.”

    Although Trump is a repugnant sexist in words and personal actions, this pales in comparison to Clinton’s actions against the interests of millions of working women in the US and around the world. As just one example, take the infamous Clinton Foundation, which pays its female employees just 72% what it pays male employees—even less than the 75% average for nonprofits. To put this into perspective, this means she pays women $7.20 versus $10 an hour for men doing the same job. Never mind the suffering of millions of women in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and everywhere else Secretary of State Clinton presided over bombings and immiseration.

    The vast majority of Americans would have no problem electing a woman president and think it would mark an important milestone. But when push came to shove, millions of men and women could not bring themselves to vote for that woman for president.



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