Swans, cormorants, and storm in Germany

Stormy weather in Germany, 6 October 2016

After 5 October 2016, on 6 October, we sailed from Kamp village on the Stettiner Haff lagoon in Germany. As there was storm, we did not sail further than the estuary, not continuing on the rough Baltic Sea. Already inland, there were white waves.

At 7:45, our ship departed. Great cormorants flying.

In October, migrating cranes arrive here; as we had already seen. This morning, again flying cranes.

Great cormorants, 6 October 2016

At a bridge, great cormorants resting.

Herring gull, 6 October 2016

Also great black-backed gulls. And this herring gull.

Two scaup ducks swimming.

Mute swans, 6 October 2016

And many more mute swans.

Grosser Wotig island, 6 October 2016

We pass Grosser Wotig island. When we passed it north to south a few days ago, this wetland island was mainly land. Now, however, when we pass the island from the south to the north, the storm means that many reed beds and the lower parts of fences are under water. Cormorants and other birds can still use the upper parts for resting.

A little gull flies.

Mute swans flying 6 October 2016

A flock of flying mute swans passes.

Village, 6 October 2016

We pass the village north of Grosser Wotig.

We sail on the Peenestrom.

We reach Peenemünde, where this river flows into the Baltic Sea.

Peenemunde, 6 October 2016

Great cormorants rested at the harbour.

This area is well-known for sea eagles.

We will meet them in the next blog post about Peenemünde. So, stay tuned!

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