Hungarian racists quarrel among each other

This video says about itself:

26 February 2013

Hungary’s Jewish community number more than one-hundred thousand, and yet this significant group is increasingly battling anti-Semitic feeling. The rise of the radical nationalist party Jobbik has breathed new life into the country’s neo-Nazi movement causing some Jews are opting to leave Hungary altogether.

By Ben Chacko:

Hungary: Right split thwarts Orban’s bid to keep refugees out

Wednesday 9th November 2016

DIVISIONS on the far right saw Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban defeated in his bid to pass anti-refugee amendments to the constitution yesterday.

Mr Orban, head of the ruling Fidesz party, received 131 votes for the five amendments while only three MPs voted against — but this fell short of the two-thirds majority of the 199-member parliament required.

The prime minister’s changes would have ruled that a “foreign population cannot be settled in Hungary” and were designed to make European Union proposals for a quota system for dividing refugees among member states unconstitutional.

They followed last month’s referendum where 98 per cent of participants said they opposed the EU having the right to settle non-Hungarian citizens in the country without the consent of the government.

Critics said the result was a product of low turnout (just 44 per cent of citizens voted, rendering the plebiscite invalid), the choice of wording and a viciously racist state-supported propaganda campaign, which saw massive billboards alleging that the Paris terrorist attacks were carried out by “immigrants” — in fact they were not — and claiming sexual harassment of women was rising because of the refugee crisis.

Ultra-nationalist party Jobbik was expected to back Mr Orban’s amendments but instead demanded he add a clause revoking the practice of issuing “residency bonds,” by which foreigners and their immediate families receive papers if they buy a €300,000 (£242,000) five-year bond.

Fidesz parliamentary leader Lajos Kosa said adding conditions was “tantamount to treason” while Jobbik chairman Gabor Vona snarled back: “Neither rich migrants nor poor migrants, neither rich terrorists nor poor terrorists can come to Hungary.”

The defeat is a setback for the prime minister, who has successfully changed the constitution six times since he rose to power in 2010 — including adding an official condemnation of communism in 2013 that forced the country’s Communist Party to change its name and drop use of the hammer and sickle or face being banned.

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