Refugees, back to Africa, German government plan

This video says about itself:

29 May 2016

40 children, including several newborns, were among the 700+ migrants feared dead in recent shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea.

Recently, US American country singer Johnny Rebel (real name Clifford Joseph Trahan) died. Johnny Rebel was notorious for his racist songs, praising the Ku Klux Klan and defaming African Americans.

One of his songs is Send ‘Em All Back To Africa. In that song, he proposes to deport all African Americans, whose ancestors were mainly brought by slave traders to the present USA centuries ago, forcibly to Africa:

We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
Where they belong
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
We oughta send ’em all back to Africa
They oughta get the hell out of America
And leave the white man alone …

I got one thing to suggest
They outta leave, and get gone
Gather up all the niggers
And go back home

Now that Johnny Rebel is dead, unfortunately his racist ideas have not died with him. Not in the USA. Not in Europe.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

German plan to send boat refugees back to Africa

Today, 06:09

The German Interior Ministry wants to return immigrants who are picked up at sea immediately back to Africa … the newspaper Welt am Sonntag writes.

The proposal, which means that refugees must apply for asylum outside the EU, is reminiscent of the Australian approach. If Germany would try to implement the plan at EU level, then that would represents a major shift in the policies of the country, which until now has a generous asylum policy.

‘Generous’, if compared to, eg, the Orban regime in Hungary. However, there have been flip-flops on this in Germany before.

“By removing the prospect that they might ever reach European shores, the migrants could be convinced that they should not embark on the perilous and expensive journey,” said a spokesperson for the department of Minister De Maizière. …

The proposal is said to have not been addressed at EU level yet.

See also here.

Two refugee boats capsized this week in the Mediterranean near the Libyan coast, leading to the deaths in a 48-hour period of about 240 people. This brings the total number of refugees who have died trying to cross the Mediterranean and reach Europe to 4,220, more than ever before in a six-month period. The European Union bears full, criminal responsibility for this massive loss of life: here.

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