Florida Puerto Ricans and elections

This video says about itself:

Puerto Ricans Have No Say in the 2016 Election

3 November 2016

Despite being a U.S. citizen, paying taxes and voting in the 2008 election, Gabe Gonzalez’s mom cannot vote in the 2016 election because she moved back to Puerto Rico.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Trump or Clinton? The Puerto Ricans in Florida will determine the outcome

They can be decisive for the outcome of the US presidential election: the Puerto Ricans in Florida, the state where it is all about in the election again. Puerto Ricans are the fastest growing group of Spanish-speaking immigrants there and they have the right to vote.

Unlike Cuban migrants who predominantly vote Republican, Puerto Ricans tend more toward Clinton. …

Trump we have not seen here,” says [Esteban] Garces [of the Latin American immigrant organisation Mi Famiglia Vota]. “All he does is build a wall between Latinos and himself.”

Republicans also had an anti-immigrant story in 2012. “Eventually that will destroy them,” says Garces. “They need us as well.”

This video says about itself:

Puerto Ricans Tried To Vote For Bernie But They Weren’t Allowed

12 June 2016

Before California and New Jersey, Hillary Clinton won the Puerto Rico Democratic primary. But, many are claiming fraud and voter suppression in the wake of her victory. It mainly has to do with a sudden reduction in polling locations, delay in certifying Sanders‘ poll workers, and shutting out 400,000 people from voting,or just general incompetence. Who knows? Carlos Delgado does and he filed this report.

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