Florida, USA people fear political violence

This video from Arirang TV in South Korea says about itself:

Donald Trump claims election is ‘rigged,’ supporters call for violence

17 October 2016

Over in the U.S.

Donald Trump has turned his criticism of various players involved in the election… toward the media… and the entire voting system.

And his most die-hard followers are still standing staunchly by his side.

Kim Jung-soo has the full story.

Donald Trump, over the weekend, claimed the entire U.S. voting system, as well recent polls by the media are “rigged” against him, raising concerns over whether he’d accept the results if he lost the election.

Trump said on Twitter Saturday night that the election is “being rigged by the media, in a coordinated effort with the Clinton campaign, by putting stories that never happened into [the] news.”

Trump doubled down on those claims Monday morning, adding that the supposed “rigging” is happening at polling places too.

Some of Trump’s supporters seem even more upset than the candidate himself.

According to the Boston Globe, which covered a Saturday rally in New Hampshire, there was an overwhelming sense of “anger and hostility” among Trump supporters.

The report cited an interview with a man named Dan Bowman, who said that he’ll start a rebellion if Clinton is elected President.

The Boston Globe went on to interpret Trump’s recent claims about the media colluding with Clinton as an attempt to rally his core supporters rather than try to appeal to new groups.

In response to Trump’s allegations, Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine said Trump is claiming the election is rigged because “he knows he’s losing.”

The polls conducted over the weekend show Clinton retaining a lead.

A poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News released Sunday showed Clinton at 48 percent and Trump at 37.

But in another poll by the Washington Post and ABC News, Clinton led by just 4 percent, a statistically insignificant difference.

It remains to be seen whether the fallout from Trump’s lewd comments register in the polls, but with just 21 days to go until the election, many pundits believe the war of words will only intensify between the two camps.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV correspondents in Florida, USA today:

The unusually harsh tone of the campaign has had an impact on the electorate here as well. While Americans normally like to show for whom they vote, there are now hardly any signs of Trump or Clinton in the front gardens.

Mieke Caris, a Dutch-American, says that many people simply do not dare. “We had four years ago an Obama sign in the garden. And our Republican neighbor a Romney sign. But this year we don’t. We do not want to quarrel. Trump has been so terribly rude and Hillary’s behaviour is not irreproachable either. You do not want to flaunt that you support one of these two.”

Caris does have a Hillary bumper sticker on her car. But she will take it off. “I was recently on the highway and for kilometers I was stalked by a man in a pickup truck. He made all kinds of nasty gestures at me and tried to drive me off the road. Just because of that sticker.” …

“I’m afraid that people are going to fight each other, when the results will become known. Or worse. Many people walk around here with guns, I hope they do not start shooting at each other.”

Her husband adds: “Trump has put in motion a movement which will not disappear anymore just like that. We will still experience a lot of unpleasant things, even after the election.”

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