Baby elephant playing, video

This video from South Africa says about itself:

Baby Elephant‘s Piggy Back Ride Goes Adorably Wrong

27 October 2016

Baby Ellies just want to have fun….

The animal kingdom in all its majesty can also bring about light hearted family moments as you can see when this young elephant was playing around with a fellow member and took an unexpected tumble.

Watch this funny moment captured on a trip to Addo Elephant Park by 50 year old train driver, Thys Pretorius.

“We were standing still at a dam in Addo just watching the elephants bathing and playing around. You could see there was so much joy and excitement amongst the herd. I was just loving sitting there and watching them all have fun.

Suddenly my eye caught a boisterous young calf trying to climb on top of another sibling. All was going well but then the next moment he underestimated his push off the ground and took a roll right off the other youngster.

After that the herd just started moving on as if nothing had happened.

It was a really sweet and funny moment and I’m so glad I got it captured on film. This really made my day.”

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