220 United States oil pipeline leaks a year

This video from the USA says about itself:

US Has Had 220 Oil Pipeline Leaks This Year, And No One Is Paying Attention

29 October 2016

The amount of oil being spilled on American soil is increasing at an alarming rate, but the corporate-controlled media has said almost nothing about it, and our elected officials are doing even less about this growing problem.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Vows To Fight Dakota Access Pipeline Through Winter. Confrontations over development on the tribe’s sacred land have grown increasingly tense, with clashes and arrests: here.

#NoDAPL: Native American Leaders Vow to Stay All Winter, File Lawsuit Against Police. Amnesty International are sending a delegation of human rights observers to monitor the response of law enforcement to the protests: here.

24 thoughts on “220 United States oil pipeline leaks a year

  1. HILLSBORO, Ohio – An Ohio high school’s cheerleading squad stole the headlines from its football team after a game on Friday night.

    Cheerleaders from McClain High School — located about 60 miles southwest of Columbus — held a breakaway banner that read “Hey Indians, get ready for a Trail of Tears, part two,” before the school’s road game started. The McClain Tigers were playing against the Hillsboro Indians in the team’s final regular-season game.

    The Trail of Tears was a series of forced removals and migrations of Native Americans by the United States government in the 1830s. The brutal process resulted in the deaths of an estimated 4,000 Cherokee people as they were forcibly marched thousands of miles westward. To put the death toll into perspective, about 3,000 people died in the attacks of 9/11.

    At least one person at the game was immediately offended by the banner. Rachel Onusko tweeted a picture of the banner and described it as “beyond ignorant and offensive.” Onusko added “This is not how I want my hometown represented.”

    Representatives of McClain High School posted an apology to the school’s Facebook page after the game, according to WHIO-TV. But that apology has since been deleted.



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