Hillary Clinton, emails, the FBI and DAPL

This video from the USA says about itself:

Hillary Clinton OUTRAGED When Asked About Contributions From Fossil Fuel Industry

31 March 2016

Hillary Clinton got outraged when asked about the contributions she’s received from the fossil fuel industry. However, her answer as to whether or not she took donations from the fossil fuel industry has changed quite a bit over time.

‘What a Crock’: Clinton Breaks DAPL Silence With Statement That Says ‘Literally Nothing’. Response comes the same day militarized police forcibly cleared hundreds of water protectors from protest site, by Lauren McCauley: here.

This 28 October 2016 video from the USA is called Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chair: DOJ Must Investigate Use of Force Against #DAPL Resistance.

See also here.

More than 300 riot police from five states and National Guard troops were deployed Thursday against anti-pipeline protesters in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, violently arresting 141 protesters camped near Highway 1806. The protesters, most of them Native American, are opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), which will transport oil produced in North Dakota to Illinois: here.

This video from the USA says about itself:

28 October 2016

In a surprise announcement, FBI Director James Comey stated that he will be reopening his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. The new emails that have been brought to his attention are reportedly related to the email account of Anthony Weiner. While the FBI is unlikely to conclude their investigation before the election, this is still a bombshell of an announcement nonetheless.

By Patrick Martin in the USA:

The FBI intervenes in the 2016 election

29 October 2016

In an extraordinary and unprecedented action, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has stepped into the 2016 presidential campaign only 11 days before Election Day, sending a letter to Congress announcing new “investigative steps” related to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

The three-paragraph letter by FBI Director James Comey to eight congressional committees on Friday is remarkably vague. It states that “in connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation” of Clinton’s personal email server, which, Comey notes, he had previously told Congress was “completed.”

He states that he has agreed to “allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.” He acknowledges that the FBI “cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant.”

The obvious question that arises is why, given the fact that the FBI has no idea whether these additional emails contain any significant information relative to the Clinton email case, the agency should make them a public issue within days of the election. Media commentators noted that the letter violates a longstanding informal FBI ban on making politically sensitive announcements within 60 days of a US election.

Following the report of Comey’s letter, the news media, citing unnamed federal law enforcement officials, said the emails in question were between Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her husband, former Representative Anthony Weiner.

Weiner is under FBI investigation for allegedly sending sexually explicit text messages to an underage girl. Abedin announced her separation from Weiner earlier this year after the latest episode involving Weiner and sexually explicit Internet activity became public.

Comey’s letter was hailed by Donald Trump and Republican Party spokesmen as tantamount to an official reopening of the FBI investigation and rescinding of the decision announced by Comey in July that no charges would be brought against the Democratic presidential candidate.

Clinton spoke to the press briefly Friday evening, demanding that the FBI provide more information about the substance of what it was reviewing, including whether there was any connection to her use of a private email server. She pointed out that more than 15 million people have already voted and that many millions more will be going to the polls over the next week as early voting continues. In response to questions, she indicated that the FBI has not contacted her and that she first learned of the letter through the media.

It is at this point impossible to determine with precision the motivation behind Comey’s letter and the political forces for which he is speaking. However, his attempt to present the letter as a politically disinterested response to the discovery of new information lacks any credibility.

This direct intervention into the election by the top police-intelligence agency can only be an expression of deep crisis and profound tensions within the American ruling class and the state. The election as a whole has been dominated by the growth of social anger and antiestablishment sentiment, yet it has ended in a contest between two right-wing representatives of the richest 1 percent who are despised by huge sections of the electorate.

It has plumbed the depths of political debasement on the part of both candidates—the fascistic billionaire Trump seeking to channel discontent along the most right-wing, chauvinist and racist channels; the multimillionaire Clinton relying on sex scandals and a McCarthyite attack on Trump as an agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin to bury incriminating revelations of corruption and lying and to swing public opinion behind a policy of military escalation and confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia.

The entire process has been surrounded by an aura of violence and a breakdown of public confidence in the political system. It has unfolded under conditions of deepening economic crisis, mounting international tensions and worsening crises for US imperialism around the world, i.e., the ongoing debacle of Washington’s war for regime change in Syria, the signs of disarray in the anti-Chinese “pivot to Asia,” the emergence of open conflicts with imperialist “allies” in Europe, particularly Germany.

The convergence of these crises is generating bitter conflicts within the American ruling class over policy questions, magnified by fears of a rising tide of social opposition at home.

Whether the intention of Comey’s letter was to inflict fatal damage to Clinton’s candidacy, shore up endangered Republican majorities in the Senate and House, or fire a shot across the bow against an incoming Clinton administration, it makes clear that the next administration will be mired in crisis from the day it takes office.

One former Justice Department official suggested that Comey was under intense pressure from within the FBI over his previous declaration that no competent prosecutor would bring charges against Clinton over her use of the private server. If true, this means that sections of the federal police agency are in open revolt against the candidate who may shortly become their nominal “commander-in-chief.”

The FBI intervention on the eve of the 2016 election represents an acceleration of a trend in US politics that first came to the surface in the series of Republican-led investigations into the Bill Clinton administration, culminating in his impeachment in 1998. This was followed by the stolen election of 2000, when the Supreme Court intervened and by a 5-4 majority halted the recounting of ballots in Florida in order to award the White House to George W. Bush, the loser in the popular vote.

The two-party system in the United States has always been an instrument of class rule, dominated by corporate America. The unprecedented growth of social inequality over the past four decades has widened the gulf between the political system and the great majority of the population. More and more, official political life revolves around palace intrigues, in which the media and the military-intelligence apparatus play critical roles. The methods of scandalmongering, calculated leaks and political stink bombs prevail.

One thing is clear: none of these strokes and counterstrokes between rival capitalist factions has anything to do with defending the democratic rights and social interests of working people. As far as the capitalist two-party system is concerned, the American people are merely an object of manipulation, to be stampeded by demagogy and scandal.

This video from the USA says about itself:

WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary Propagandist Faux-Journalists

27 October 2016

In Hillary Clinton’s America, Wall Street Will Be in the Saddle: here.

17 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton, emails, the FBI and DAPL

  1. Saturday 29th October 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    SOLDIERS and riot police forcibly broke up a protest camp against the Dakota Access pipeline on Thursday.

    Several protesters from the 200-strong North Dakota camp were taken away in lorries, with at least one handcuffed. Two helicopters and an plane watched from above.

    Protesters set up a camp last weekend on private land where the developer was working to complete a 1,200-mile pipeline to carry oil from western North Dakota to Illinois.

    It will skirt the Standing Rock Reservation. The Sioux oppose it as it could poison water supplies and destroy buried cultural artefacts, but state authorities says no cultural sites have been found nearby.

    Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier claimed the protesters’ actions “forced law enforcement to respond.

    “We cannot have protesters blocking county roads, blocking state highways or trespassing on private property.”

    But Robert Eder, a Vietnam war veteran from the Standing Rock Reservation, said protesters would return.

    “If they take everybody to jail, there will be twice as many tomorrow and every day that passes more will come,” he said.

    Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and actor Mark Ruffalo were at the camp on Wednesday but left later.

    The reservation is the remnant of former Sioux lands onto which the nation was gradually forced by white settlers in the 19th century.

    Famous Sioux chief Sitting Bull was killed there in 1890 as he was being arrested for failing to stop his people joining the Ghost Dance movement.

    In the 1960s the US Army Corps of Engineers built five dams on the Missouri river inside the reservation, submerging towns and further reducing the land area.



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  5. Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:24 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

    “Raccoon” redwoodsaurus

    > Donald Trump Has Destroyed Documents and Emails in Defiance of Court Orders for 40 Years
    > A new Newsweek report chronicles a long history of sketchy behavior.

    > Donald Trump’s secret weapons are a paper shredder and a delete button. The white nationalist rhetoric and “lock her up” chants might be getting all the attention, and Trump himself has lost his mind with glee over FBI director James Comey’s announcement of potential new Hillary Clinton emails, but the candidate and his companies have been conveniently destroying thousands of emails and paper documents that were requested by prosecutors going back decades, a new investigation from Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald reveals.
    > The pattern of behavior predates email, starting at least in 1973, when both Donald Trump, his father Fred Trump and their companies were sued by the federal government over charges that they systematically refused to rent apartments to black tenants. Trump began by stalling and missing deadlines to turn over important and likely incriminating documents for months. As Eichenwald points out, this was particularly egregious because:
    > When litigation is filed or even contemplated, scrupulous lawyers and corporations immediately impose document-retention programs or require that any shredding or disposing of records be halted. Courts have handed down severe sanctions or even criminal charges of obstruction of justice against executives and companies that destroyed records because they knew they were going to be sued.
    > Trump used the extra time to tell the press that “that the feds had no evidence he and his father discriminated against minorities, but instead were attempting to force them to lease to welfare recipients who couldn’t’t pay their rent.” He also filed a $100 million counter suit for libel, which only dragged the case on further.
    > Even when government lawyers had warrants to search Trump’s offices, he would act as if they showed up unannounced. He’d refuse to give over the materials even judges had demanded and take every opportunity to tell reporters “storm troopers” had invaded his offices and the prosecutor had unlawfully badgered his employees. After over six months of delays, Trump finally admitted in a deposition that, as Eichenwald notes:
    > The Trumps had been destroying their corporate records for the previous six months and had no document-retention program. They had conducted no inspections to determine which files might have been sought in the discovery requests or might otherwise be related to the case. Instead, in order to “save space,” Trump testified, officials with his company had been tossing documents into the shredder and garbage.
    > That case ended in a civil settlement, but despite an agreement to implement policies that would force Trump’s company to comply with federal housing regulations, the blatant discrimination continued. In fact, Trump’s strategy, which Eichenwald describes as “deny, impede and delay, while destroying documents the court had ordered them to hand over,” has been effective ever since, and even more so when the plaintiffs are private citizens.
    > Eichenwald cites two egregious cases, both in Florida. In Fort Lauderdale, a group of tenants claimed they were scammed by Trump into buying apartments, because they were led to believe that Trump owned the development. But he had merely licensed his name to the developers, which means when the project became problematic financially, he simply walked away, and claimed to have no insurance to cover his liabilities nor pay the tenants the money they lost for apartments they would never live in. It turned out that the company had a policy, but it simply hid that fact. The case, one of a number of similar suits Trump faced during this period, settled out of court.
    > Eichenwald also points out that even when Trump is the one suing, destroying and hiding documents is a regular practice for him. In 2005, Trump sued Cordish Cos., whose affiliate, Power Plant Entertainment LLC, built two American Indian casinos in Florida in 2000. He claimed the companies had colluded with a former associate to cheat him out of the project, and therefore both casinos should be turned over to him entirely—not partial profits, but absolutely everything. One might think such a claim wouldn’t be made without a mountain of documentation for evidence, but that isn’t Trump’s style. A year into the case, there was only a box of documents, nearly all of them irrelevant.
    > Later, Trump’s team said the required evidence hadn’t been produced because the company didn’t have it. Somehow, a multimillion-dollar company did not have an email server in 2001 (a year after the supposed wrongdoing in the development deal had occurred), or a document retention program until 2003. High school students had better data backup in 2000 than he did. It took almost another year to refute this claim, and it turned out an IBM server had been installed in 1999. But it didn’t matter: everything was gone.
    > Despite claiming a document retention program had been started in 2003,
    > “the company wiped clear the data from everyone’s computers every year. Lawyers for Trump Hotels had never sent out the usual communication issued during litigation instructing employees to stop destroying records that might be related to this case. The deletions continued, and backup tapes were reused—thus erasing the data they held.”
    > Trump has made a mockery of our justice system. He demands his political opponent be put in jail for far more minor versions of the crimes he’s used to defraud innocent Americans, not to mention the government, for decades. As Eichenwald puts it , “He has solemnly told the country to trust him while refusing to produce any records to prove whether he speaks the truth or has utter contempt for it.”
    > Read the full article



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