Grackles, blackbirds at New York feeder

This video from New York State in the USA says about itself:

Blackbirds and Grackles Commandeer the Cornell Feeders – Oct. 20, 2016

This eerie clip from the Cornell Feeders is reminiscent of a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie – fitting for late October.

Here, Common Grackles and Red-winged Blackbirds commandeer the feeder and its surrounding areas. Grackles, blackbirds, starlings, and cowbirds often forage together in large mixed-species flocks outside of the breeding season. Traveling together in this way may allow individuals to become more efficient foragers. With more eyes available to scan for predators and alarm the group of danger, the birds can be more focused on finding food than standing watch.

Watch LIVE at for news, updates, and more information about the pond and its surroundings.

This FeederWatch cam is located in the Treman Bird Feeding Garden at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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