First ever dinosaur’s brain found on English beach

This video says about itself:

First Ever Dinosaur Brain Has Been Found In The UK

27 October 2016

A brown pebble found in Sussex 10 years ago is actually the fossilised brain of a dinosaur thought to have lived 133 million years ago, scientists have revealed.

It is the first time anyone has seen what a dinosaur brain looked like as no other fossils have been found.

And the researchers said the discovery raised the tantalising prospect that the creature, believed to be a species similar to an Iguanodon, may have had an unexpectedly large brain.

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From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Petrified dinosaur brain found on beach

Friday 28th October 2016

A “PEBBLE” picked up on a Sussex beach 10 years ago has been confirmed as the first known example of a dinosaur’s brain.

An analysis by Cambridge University’s earth sciences department believes that the petrified brain — which retains impressions of blood vessels, collagen and the outer layer of the cortex — came from a large plant-eating dinosaur, possibly Iguanodon, the first dinosaur to be named.

It was found by fossil hunter Jamie Hiscocks, who initially tried to bag £750,000 for it from London’s Natural History Museum, which turned him down.

Dr David Norman, who worked on the brain, says it was “pickled” in an acidic low-oxygen environment such as a swamp.

He says it cannot tell us much about how clever dinosaurs were but hopes it will be “the first of many such discoveries.”

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The scientific description of this discovery is here.

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