Antarctic Ross Sea becoming world’s largest marine sanctuary

This video says about itself:

Antarctica Ross Sea

3 April 2014

Being an arm’s length from the world’s largest penguin, the famous though elusive Emperor, is a life-changing experience! And being inside Scott’s and Shackleton‘s historical huts were sacred moments.

By Andrea Vance of TV New Zealand today:

Ross Sea sanctuary agreement sets ‘historic’ precedent

Antarctic advocates are celebrating a significant victory after the Ross Sea was declared the world’s newest – and largest – marine sanctuary.

Negotiations between 24 countries and the European Union have been ongoing for years, and China was the last to come on board with the agreement, making more than 1.5 million square kilometres of ocean a protected area from December next year for 35 years.

Antarctic Oceans Alliance Director Mike Walker says it’s a historic day that children will learn about in schools in the future.

“It’s historic because what we believe is it is the start of the protection of the high seas,” Mr Walker says.

The ocean is home to dolphins, whales and penguins, as well as Antarctic toothfish – a delicacy in many countries.

Foreign Affairs minister Murray McCully says it’s a miracle that all of the countries finally came to agreement.

“It’s a massive step foward a – a huge win,” Mr McCully said.

Next year, three more Antarctic sanctuaries will also be up for negotiation.

“I think that, having set a good precedent here, we will get some agreements in place quite quickly – but we shouldn’t expect all of this to be plain sailing.”

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