Dutch women get bad news

This 24015 video from the USA is called One Woman Discovers The Wage Gap.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Netherlands has dropped three places in the ranking of countries with the least inequality between men and women, the Global Gender Gap Index. Three African countries have overtaken us: Burundi, Namibia and South Africa. The Netherlands is now 16th on that list …

Iceland is like last year the leader on the list. Next come Norway and Sweden. In the top 10 are three developing countries: Rwanda, the Philippines and Nicaragua. The Netherlands for the first time since 2010 is no longer among the best fifteen, but still scores better than other Western countries like Britain and the United States.

The decline has to do, according to experts, with the fact that many Dutch women … get less salary than a man in the same job. …

Furthermore, often Dutch women work in clerical occupations. Those jobs are likely to disappear because of automation.

USA: ARE MINORITIES AND WOMEN VALUED LESS IN LEGAL SETTLEMENTS? “White and male victims often receive larger awards than people of color and women in similar cases, according to more than two dozen lawyers and forensic economists, the experts who make the calculations. These differences largely derive from projections of  how much more money individuals would have earned over their lifetimes had they not been injured — projections that take into account average earnings and employment levels by race and gender.” [WaPo]

BAD NEWS FOR THE GENDER PAY EQUITY GAP Looks like we have another 170 years before it’s closed. [Reuters]

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