Hungarians boo Prime Minister Orbán

This video says about itself:

Viktor Orban and Hungary’s faltering media oppositionThe Listening Post (Full)

16 October 2016

On The Listening Post this week: The main opposition newspaper folds in Hungary. We examine the government’s tightening grip on the press. Plus, journalism in a post-fact world.

Low sales vs Viktor Orban’s media crackdown

It’s the latest chapter in the story of a media landscape transformed. When Nepszabadsag, Hungary’s most influential opposition paper was suspended, owners cited low sales – but journalists say it is part of a wider media suppression.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Prime Minister Orbán booed at commemoration of Hungarian Uprising

Today, 17:24

In Budapest, thousands of people are on their feet to demonstrate against Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Orbán was jeered by opponents of his refugee policy during his speech at the commemoration of the Hungarian uprising of 1956 against the Stalinist government. …

Demonstrators shouted “Viktator” and “democracy” during Orbán’s speech there. The prime minister had to stop his speech several times because he could not be heard above the din.

Critics say that Orbán’s government weakens democratic institutions. The vice-president of the center-left party Together, Peter Juhasz, said Hungarians in 1956 revolted against the kind of policy that Orbán now stands for. …

Earlier this week, Orbán said that 1956 meant the beginning of the end of the Iron Curtain. By keeping migrants outside Hungary, he says, he now does the same as the demonstrators in 1956.

His critics think otherwise. They believe that the memory of the mass flight of Hungarians after the failed uprising should bring the government to a less restrictive policy on refugees.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising with a nationalist tirade against immigrants on Sunday. The prime minister spoke at the official celebrations in front of the parliament to several thousand supporters of his right-wing Fidesz Party: here.

TRUMP ROLLS OUT RED CARPET FOR AUTOCRAT He’s been ostracized by his neighbors in Europe for his anti-Semitic, white nationalist and authoritarian views, but Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán found love at the White House from President Donald Trump. [HuffPost]

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  2. Protest by Hungarian teachers

    On Monday, teachers protested outside the Hungarian parliament to demand the resignation of the Human Resource Minister and for an independent educational ministry to be set up, along with a new law on public education. The protest followed a press conference organised by the Civic Public Education Platform.

    The protests are against the public education law brought in five years ago. Speakers outlined how that law had led to continuous change and the resulting chaos. One speaker explained how it had led to teachers having to teach more lessons with larger class sizes and burdened them with more administrative duties.


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