Donald Trump parody song video

This 12 October 2016 parody music video from Britain is called Supertrump – “Wreckless in America”.

It is a parody of the song by Supertramp: Breakfast in America.

Take a look at my girlfriend, don’t you think she’s pretty hot?
Don’t touch my new girlfriend, I’m gonna take her on my yacht
Get Nigel Farage across the water, he’d like to see America
See the girls in my beauty pageant
If you’re a celebrity you can go up and grab their pussy

Whatcha want for your breakfast?
Baby yeah, baby yeah
I could fly us to Texas
‘Cause honey I’m a billionaire
Take a ride in my helicopter
Right across America
Try to leave and I’ll try to stop ya
‘Cause I always get what I want
You can hold onto my bouffant

But don’t tell Melania, Ivana and Marla
Melania, Ivana and Marla

Take a look at my daughter, she’s the only one I got
Shame she’s my daughter, I’d be dating her if not
I’m a winner, I’m a sinner, I guess you saw me on that show
Maybe we could get some dinner and then I will move upon you
‘Cause that’s what I usually do

But don’t tell Melania, Ivana and Marla
Melania, Ivana and Marla

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump parody song video

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