Migratory birds, record numbers in Dutch national park

This Dutch video says about itself (translated):

Oct 5. 2016

De Biesbosch National Park currently attracts record numbers of migratory birds. This is due to the expansion of the nature reserve.

Thus the Noordwaard of 4450 hectares of farmland has been turned into a tidal zone. There are already about ten thousand wigeon, thousands of snipes and hundreds of spoonbills. Tens of thousands of birds in total are coming to the Biesbosch to spend the winter or make a stop before traveling to warmer areas. “They see from the air this new nature area,” says ranger Thomas van der Es. “They orient themselves to the rivers and see a nice place to rest, where there is also a lot of food.” The birds travel huge distances during migration. Eg, wigeon come from Russia and the spoonbills will travel eventually to Senegal. Of the birds that leave, the first ones after the winter will arrive again around February / March.

Migration is a hazardous journey, but those hazards are often overlooked in the large-scale spectacle of millions of birds that successfully travel between their breeding and wintering grounds each year. Birders who understand the threats to migrating birds, however, can help birds be better equipped for a successful flight, whether their migration is just a few hundred miles or as far as a few thousand: here.

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