Torturing Thai tyrants threaten arrest of Amnesty International

This video says about itself:

Amnesty International Cancels Talk on Torture in Thailand

28 September 2016

Amnesty International cancels their conference on torture in Thailand after officials threaten to arrest the organization’s speakers

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Amnesty reps banned from conference

Thursday 29th September 2016

Thai police accused of torture in Amnesty report

by Our Foreign Desk

AMNESTY International was forced to abandon a news conference in the Thai capital Bangkok yesterday after the authorities threatened to arrest its speakers.

The human rights group was due to a release a report at the conference that accuses Thai soldiers and police of carrying out torture and abuse including beatings, suffocation by plastic bags and electric shocks to the genitals.

However, just before the news conference was to begin, Ministry of Labour officials warned Amnesty that the two speakers set to talk about the damming report did not possess work permits and were at risk of being arrested if they spoke on stage.

“We know that the current government does not accept criticism very well,” said Amnesty legal adviser Yuval Ginbar, who had been due to address the press conference.

“But what is happening in the unofficial places of detention — people being beaten up, people being suffocated, people being waterboarded — this is more important than what we’re facing here.”

Government spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd defended the Ministry of Labour’s actions by saying that, no matter which organisation the speakers were from, they must comply with the law.

“Our laws don’t have multiple standards, we have only one standard. We all have to follow these laws. Even if we are criticised, the law is the law,” Mr Sansern explained.

Without mentioning the Amnesty report directly, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha defended military detention of “so-called political prisoners,” saying that they are given good housing and food but sometimes complain about things like the quality of air conditioning.

“We’ve released so many of these so-called political prisoners, but some are charged so we have to hold them,” Mr Prayuth said.

“I hope you understand, I’ve been very forgiving. Only a few people suffer because they want to violate things all the time.”

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