17 thoughts on “British Ken Loach’s new film and Jeremy Corbyn

  1. Wednesday 28th September 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    A BROUHAHA broke out on the floor of Labour conference yesterday as delegates questioned the sincerity of Tom Watson’s calls for unity.
    The Labour deputy leader used his conference speech to attack supporters of Jeremy Corbyn for “trashing” the record of New Labour.
    “I don’t know why we’ve been focusing on what was wrong with the Blair and Brown governments for the last six years, but trashing our own record is not the way to enhance our brand,” he said. “We won’t win elections like that and we need to win elections.”
    He won an enthusiastic standing ovation from around half the room — but others members heckled Mr Watson.
    And singer Lily Allen tweeted: “Tom Watson is a snake.”
    Mr Watson also said Labour had “too easily” cast big business as predators.
    “Capitalism, comrades, is not the enemy,” he said.
    And when he praised Sadiq Khan for winning his election, a delegate shouted out: “Just like Jeremy Corbyn!” Mr Watson replied: “Indeed.”



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