German racist politician sells illegal nazi stuff

Nazi paraphernalia seller Müller at 2016 AfD party congress, EPA photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

German politician sells banned Nazi medals

Today, 16:48

A prominent politician of the German right-wing nationalist party AfD sells Nazi memorabilia in his antique shop, while that is illegal in Germany.

This is about Rudolf Müller, the intended leader of the AfD in Saarland. Müller has an antique shop in Saarbrücken where he sells, eg Nazi medals and currency from Theresienstadt concentration camp.

German media found that out by sending a test purchaser. Who could buy a medal with swastika for 50 euros. The bank notes from 1943 that were used in Theresienstadt were on sale for 15 euros each.


The sale of Nazi items with a swastika on it is prohibited by law in Germany. There is a maximum prison sentence of three years for that. The prosecution service has launched an investigation in response to the news.

This is not so surprising for an AfD politician. After all, one of the AfD leaders is Lady Beatrix Von Storch, née Duchess of Oldenburg; the granddaughter of Johann Ludwig, Count Schwerin von Krosigk. The finance minister of Hitler’s Third Reich from its beginning until its collapse in May 1945. Hitler rewarded him with the nazi party’s Golden Swastika badge. After the war, in Nuremberg, Count Schwerin von Krosigk was convicted to ten years in prison for war crimes and, eg, his role in the persecution of Jews in the Kristallnacht. Lady Von Storch was recently in the news for anti-Semitism.

Berlin AfD MP, hater of refugees and homophobe Kay Nerstheimer is a member of extreme right paramilitary group German Defence League: here.

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