Roman bathhouse discovery in Dutch Limburg

This 2011 video is called Netherlands, Roman Period.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Large bathhouse discovered at luxury Roman villa in Meerssen

Today, 21:35

At a Roman villa in Meerssen after new research traces have been found of a large bathhouse. Luxurious Roman villas used to have private baths more often, but only the largest and most important ones had separate buildings for them.

The research was done using electromagnetic measurements and radar. It can be deduced according to 1Limburg that the bathhouse was 26 by 13 meters. …

Very luxurious villa

The villa in Meerssen was discovered in 1865 by priest and state archivist Joseph Habets. He thought he had found a double bath. Archaeologists now think that it was not a bath, but an ornamental pond. Such ponds were rare, but did occur in very luxurious villas.

This shows, according to the investigators that it was one of the most important Roman villas of the country.

In the South Limburg hills the Romans constructed large farms, supplying grain to cities such as Nijmegen. There are 32 sites of Roman villas protected as national monuments, seventeen of them in South Limburg.

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