Half-blind rabbit in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Rabbit Compensates for Partial Blindness

17 September 2016

Appalachian Cottontail Rabbit is blind in its right eye. One of three young siblings – I have watched it survive and thrive by adapting its behavior to compensate for total lack of vision on its right side and since its eyes are on the side of the head this rabbit has a large “blind spot”. Its first strategy is to hang close to its siblings as that provides a safety net against predators. It also tends to keep the good left eye to the outside with the blind eye next to a sibling.

As the pesky chipmunk shows the rabbit is very alert to any movement or sound in the area and quickly readjusts its position for a better view. For now it is OK to hang out in a group with its brothers and sisters, but as these young rabbits reach maturity that strategy may not work out. These rabbits also tend to stick close to the house and near heavy cover, their only real threat is predators so it is possibly this rabbit could make it to maturity and even breed.

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