British soldiers drowned Iraqi teenager

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UK judge condemns British troops over death of Iraqi teen

16 September 2016

A judge in the UK has condemned British soldiers for the killing of an Iraqi teenager 13 years ago.

15-year-old Ahmed Jabbar Kareem Ali drowned in Basra in May 2003.

The judge’s report is part of a wide ranging investigation into civilian deaths involving British soldiers during the Iraq war.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

MoD ‘extremely sorry’ for killing of Iraqi teenager

Saturday 17th September 2016

THE government was forced to issue a grovelling apology yesterday for the death of an Iraqi teenager after a damning report on the incident was published.

The Ministry of Defence said it was “extremely sorry” for the death of the boy, who drowned after being forced into a Basra canal by four British soldiers despite being unable to swim.

Ahmad Jabbar Kareem Ali, 15, drowned in the Shatt al-Basra canal in May 2003 after his detention by troops on suspicion of looting.

The youngster and three other suspected looters were taken to the waterway and subjected to a “soaking.”

Former High Court judge Sir George Newman, leading an independent inquiry into the deaths of a number of Iraqi citizens allegedly at the hands of British forces, said it was “a clumsy, ill-directed and bullying piece of conduct, engaged in without consideration of the risk of harm to which it could give rise.”

The report said the soldiers’ “manifest failure” to help was the “plain and certain” cause of the boy’s death.

Ahmad was arrested near Basra General Hospital on May 8 2003 as British troops battled to quell disorder in the southern Iraqi city.

The report found the teenager had been “aggressively manhandled and assaulted” before being driven five miles in an armoured vehicle to the canal.

The soldiers were tried in a British court for manslaughter and acquitted in 2006.

An MoD spokesman said: “This was a grave incident for which we are extremely sorry.”

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