Curaçao workers’ strike not illegal

In this 3 September 2016 video, representatives of various Curaçao trade unions express their support for the fight by the precarious workers working for subcontractors at the Isla oil refinery.

From the Daily Herald in Curaçao today:

Court of Justice agrees with unions

WILLEMSTAD – A judge in Curaçao rejected the petition of contractors’ association AAV to order the SGTK union to end the strike of its members working at the Isla oil refinery that is nearing the end of its third week. The court ruled that the strike was not unlawful in light of the current dispute related to a new Collective Labour Agreement (CLA). The verdict did not concern the general strike by 23 unions gathered at seven locations on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Curaçao workers’ strike not illegal

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