Curaçao strike is really general

This video from Curaçao island in the Caribbean says about itself (translated):

September 1, 2016

Workers of SGTK, the trade union for staff who work through contractors at the Isla oil refinery, today strike for the third day in a row. They say the uncertainty, which has been lasting for years, is more than enough now. “Enough is enough and we will continue as long as we should,” said one of the protesters. Images: Elisa Koek.

Dutch right-wing daily De Telegraaf reported an hour ago that the general strike today on Curaçao means that the teachers of all schools are on strike. Like also the workers in many businesses and government branches are on strike; in solidarity with the precarious workers at the oil refinery, and against government policies which violate trade union rights.

Earlier today, authorities had claimed that all schools would be open as usual.

The Telegraaf news item so far did not report about Dutch soldiers’ anti-strike activity, mentioned as a possibility earlier.

8 thoughts on “Curaçao strike is really general

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