Young spoonbill saved from drowning

Young spoonbill saved on Vlieland

Translated from the blog of wildlife warden Anke Bruin-Kommerij on Vlieland island in the Netherlands today:

Yesterday, at the end of a hot working day, our colleague Pieter Schaper was called by Gerda Stel. She saw a young spoonbill in distress near Pad van 20 footpath on the mudflats. The bird had its leg stuck in a breakwater and it was rising tide …. So, speed was needed and then you just have to have Pieter! He did not think twice and went in his working shoes on the mudflat in order to save the young spoonbill. This rescue succeeded, but the work shoes were still not dry today.

5 thoughts on “Young spoonbill saved from drowning

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