Tufted titmouse in the USA, video

This video from New York state in the USA says about itself:

6 September 2016

In this clip, a Tufted Titmouse grabs a safflower seed and quickly hops off the patio, but not before giving us a close-up!

Watch LIVE at http://AllAboutBirds.org/CornellFeeders for news, updates, and more information about the pond and its surroundings.

This FeederWatch cam is located in the Treman Bird Feeding Garden at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Perched on the edge of both Sapsucker Woods and its 10-acre pond, these feeders attract both forest species like chickadees and woodpeckers as well as some species that prefer open environments near water like Red-winged Blackbirds.


66 thoughts on “Tufted titmouse in the USA, video

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