Thousands hear Corbyn in Norfolk, England

This video from England says about itself:

Originally broadcast with Periscope on 4 September 2016.

Jeremy Corbyn stands in for John McDonnell at the Burston Strike School Rally and discusses education policy and workers’ rights (amongst other things).

The Burston Strike was the longest strike staged in England when school pupils went on strike in 1917, in support of their sacked teachers and for the right to go to school. The strike lasted until 1939 and supporters built a Strike School for the pupils.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Thousands turn out to Burston rally

Monday 5th September 2016

THOUSANDS attended Burston Strike School Rally in Norfolk yesterday to hear Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other speakers from the trade union movement.

Mr Corbyn was cheered when he introduced his plans for a National Education Service that would mean access to free education up to university level for all.

Mr Corbyn said he would introduce a £10-an-hour living wage and praised the Fight for 15 campaign in the US aimed at decent conditions for fast food workers.

He slammed the Tory record on the NHS and the crisis the service faces with hospital departments at risk — and pledged support for the junior doctors in their contracts fight with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

His speech was followed by music and poetry from Attila the Stockbroker and Steve White and the Protest Family with a mix of radical songs and upbeat political punk.

Richard Allday from general union Unite’s national executive committee spoke about the importance of community cohesion in the wake of an increase in racist attacks post Brexit.

An attack on two Polish men just hours after a march and vigil for a Polish man killed in the same Harlow town yesterday is being considered as a potential hate crime.

On the 102nd anniversary of the Burston strike over 1,000 marched to a rally that was addressed by Labour leader Corbyn. LABOUR Party leader Jeremy Corbyn welcomed the contribution of refugees and overseas workers in the NHS when he addressed a 1,500-strong Burston Strike School anniversary rally yesterday: here.

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