What sperm whales eat

This video says about itself:

Bull Sperm Whale Vs Female Colossal Squid

31 May 2014

A battle between the biggest predator and the biggest invertebrate.

However, most cephalopods eaten by sperm whales are considerably smaller than this.

A sperm whale beached in December 2012 on Razende Bol islet near Texel island in the Netherlands. That whale turned out to have much valuable ambergris in its entrails. The ambergris meant enough money for a new exhibition hall for Ecomare museum on Texel, big enough for the skeletons not only of the sperm whale, but also of the humpback whale beached also on Razende Bol a few days earlier; and of a killer whale.

Except for the ambergris, also jaws of five cephalopod species were found in the beached sperm whale’s entrails. They were: Gonatus fabricii, Histioteuthis bonellii, Todarodes (Ommatostrephes) sagittatus, Teuthowenia megalops en Haliphron atlanticus.

Ecomare museum does not exhibit most of these octopus and squid jaws in its whale hall, the museum’s Arthur Oosterbaan said this morning on Dutch Vroege Vogels radio. Most of them are kept separately for scientific research.

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