German extreme right anti-Semitism

This 2018 video is called The rise of the far-right in Germany.

Another video which used to be on YouTube used to say about itself:

German AfD branded ‘Nazis’ after it says Islam is ‘unconstitutional’

18 April 2016

The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party deputy chief has said Islam is a political ideology incompatible with the German constitution, and has called for a ban on minarets and full veils. In turn, the Council of Muslims in Germany has branded the statements “Nazi.”

“We are in favor of a ban on minarets, on muezzins and a ban on full veils,” Beatrix von Storch, who is also a member of the European Parliament, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

From Associated Press:

German nationalist lawmaker lashes out at Jewish activist

Head of Berlin chapter of Alternative for Germany and granddaughter of Nazis’ finance minister calls for anti-racism group to be shut down over criticism

September 1, 2016, 5:55 am

BERLIN — Days before a closely watched regional election in Germany, a leading member of the nationalist party Alternative for Germany launched an attack on a prominent Jewish activist, calling Wednesday for the anti-racism organization she heads to be shut down.

European lawmaker Beatrix von Storch, who leads the Berlin chapter of Alternative for Germany, lashed out online at the Amadeu Antonio Foundation over a brochure that described her party as far-right and populist. Von Storch called for the “plug to be pulled” on the foundation because of the brochure, which provides guidance on how to respond to her party.

Von Storch, the granddaughter of Nazi Germany’s finance minister,

Née Duchess of Oldenburg, Lady Von Storch is the granddaughter of Johann Ludwig, Count Schwerin von Krosigk. The finance minister of Hitler’s Third Reich from its beginning until its collapse in May 1945. Hitler rewarded him with the nazi party’s Golden Swastika badge. After the war, in Nuremberg, Count Schwerin von Krosigk was convicted to ten years in prison for war crimes and, eg, his role in the persecution of Jews in the Kristallnacht.

attacked the foundation’s chairwoman, Anetta Kahane, calling her a “Stas
i-aunt.” …

A foundation representative, Timo Reinfrank, accused von Storch of trying to portray herself as a victim ahead of regional elections at the weekend.

“Unfortunately AfD politicians show time and again how well-founded our efforts to preserve the culture of democratic debate are,” he said.

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation has frequently been attacked by far-right groups.

In July, members of a far-right group known as the Identitarian Movement stormed its office demanding to see Kahane.

Reinfrank said at the time that the attacks on Kahane had become particularly “aggressive and often anti-Semitic.”

Ger­mans who grew up un­der Na­zi-era an­ti-Semitic prop­a­gan­da ex­press stronger an­ti-Jewish be­liefs, on av­er­age, than Ger­mans born be­fore or af­ter that time, ac­cord­ing to a stu­dy: here.

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