Shark egg with living embryo found

This video says about itself:

Small-spotted catshark embryo is moving inside the egg

5 December 2014

… Video displays how it is swimming and waving his tail inside the egg.

Copyright note:

Video is created by me, soundtrack is a classic song “Song of the Indian Guest” created by composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov who died in 1908 (more than 100 years ago).

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Fishermen just off the coast of Schiermonnikoog have found a shark‘s egg containing a living embryo. The RTV Noord website shows a video with the wriggling baby shark.

It is an egg of a small-spotted catshark, a small shark of about one meter long. The small-spotted catshark is common in the North Sea and the discovery of a shark’s egg is not so special, but a living embryo is.

“We sometimes find empty egg capsules on the beach, but I’ve never seen a live shark in an egg,” says Marijke Barhorst of the Visitors Centre of Schiermonnikoog National Park.

The visitor center staff have put the shark‘s egg inside a culture dish in a saltwater aquarium, hoping that it will hatch.

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