American birds in Cook pine trees

This video from the USA says about itself:

Cook Pine Trees Makes Great Bird Perches

22 August 2016

Birds love to perch at the very top of a tall Cook Pine Tree next to the Backyard. It provides a unique perch vantage as the fast growing tree is one of the tallest around. The new growth pattern at the top of the tree always forms a perfect perch. A favorite hangout of hawks it is also used by almost every other backyard bird at some point. Thanks to Melvin Wei for pointing out that these are Cook Pines and not Norfolk Island Pines as I had thought. The biggest clue is their “rocket shape” compared to the less dense and floppy looking Norfolk Pines. These trees are sold as small ornamentals, but when planted in the yard in a semi-tropical climate like Florida can grow to huge sizes.

Araucaria columnaris, the Coral reef araucaria, Cook pine, New Caledonia pine, Cook araucaria, or columnar araucaria, is a unique species of conifer in the Araucariaceae family. It is endemic to New Caledonia in the southwestern Pacific, where it was first classified by botanists of Captain James Cook’s second voyage of exploration. It is a distinctive narrowly conical tree to 60 metres (200 ft) tall. The female cone is 10ā€“15 cm. long by 7ā€“11 cm. wide.


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