European bison benefit natterjack toads

This 2016 video is called Re-wilding Europe, One Bison at a Time.

Translated from ARK Natuurontwikkeling in the Netherlands:

Natterjack toads benefit of bison in Maashorst

21 August 2016 – In the North Brabant province nature reserve Maashorst nature is in full swing. Recently European bison were introduced there. Along with Exmoor ponies and Tauros cattle they graze the grasslands, heaths and forests of the Maashorst. With their grazing and digging they provide spaces for other species such as the natterjack toad.

This 2014 Dutch video is about Tauros cattle: an attempt to breed the extinct aurochs back.

56 thoughts on “European bison benefit natterjack toads

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