‘USA, Britain, stop supporting Saudi war on Yemen’, MSF says

This video says about itself:

RAW: Deadly aftermath of Saudi led air strike on MSF hospital in Yemen (GRAPHIC)

15 August 2016

A hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has been hit by airstrikes in Yemen, the medical charity confirmed on Monday.

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Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Doctors without Borders: stop supporting Saudis in Yemen

Today, 09:44

The international community should exert more pressure on Saudi Arabia to stop their “indiscriminate bombing” in Yemen. That says MSF [Doctors without Borders]. The NGO is pulling out of North Yemen after the Saudi air force bombed an MSF clinic there for the fourth time.

The last bombing early this week killed 19 people, including an employee of MSF. Saudi Arabia regrets the departure of the aid organization and says the bombing was a mistake, but director Arjan Hehenkamp of Doctors without Borders in the Netherlands does not accept that at all. The Saudi forces knew the hospital’s coordinates, he says.

“This is a hospital that is far away from the front lines, yet they bomb. The Saudis say they will investigate the bombing critically, but they now have said that four times already and about the first three times we have not heard anything yet.”

Partly responsible

The United States has condemned the attack on the clinic, but the country continues to supply weapons to Saudi Arabia. Hehenkamp wants the US and other big countries supporting Saudi Arabia, such as Britain and France, to exert more pressure to put an end to the air strikes in northern Yemen. These attacks cause many civilian casualties. “We are starting to consider those countries co-responsible,” said Hehenkamp.

The MSF director points out that the members of the UN Security Council themselves called in May this year to spare hospitals in conflict areas. “And this is what they get.”

The Netherlands also should do more, Hehenkamp says. “Where are the denunciations? The Dutch foreign affairs minister Koenders cannot afford to say that this was a mistake. I do not care if the bombing was targeted or not, what matters is that it happens for the fourth time. Where are we still safe?”

The saga of Britain’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia hits a disturbing new low: here.

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