Many elephants moved in Malawi

This August 2016 Dutch language video shows the biggest transport of elephants ever.

500 elephants had to move from one national park to another one.

3 thoughts on “Many elephants moved in Malawi


    Speak Up For Global Ivory Bans!

    We need your help to make sure the United States leads on domestic ivory bans.

    Closing all ivory markets would save elephants’ lives. To get more countries on board we’ll need strong U.S. leadership at CITES CoP17 (that’s an upcoming treaty meeting of 182 governments that decides regulations around wildlife trade). And to get that we need you.

    We’ve seen incredible success when advocates like you speak up – the U.S. ivory ban is a great example. CITES CoP17 is coming up soon.

    Tell the U.S. delegation to CITES to support a global ivory ban now.


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