Little owl sees cat, video

This 11 August 2016 video shows a little owl. It sees a cat; and calls to warn its owlets.

Maria Woortman in the Netherlands made this video.

6 thoughts on “Little owl sees cat, video

  1. Just one of the many reasons cats should always be kept inside — for their sake as well as for wildlife. Aside from becoming roadkill or a target for animal abuse, cats are a threat to wildlife and prey on all types of birds and other animals. They could also be stolen by Class ‘B’ Dealers who sell the animals for medical research. It’s better in all cases to keep cats inside and safe.


  2. Hi and many thanks for calling by my blog and liking my post. Apologies for my late response to this, but it’s much appreciated. Love this shot of the little owl and have retweeted. Great to meet you. x


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